WordUp Pompey! – 6 years old today

October 20, 2017 in News

WordUp Pompey!’s first meeting was held 6 years ago today in Old Portsmouth.

The WordPress meetups themselves lasted just under a year, but the website has remained.

  • I’d like to restart a WordPress meetup for Portsmouth, South Hampshire, West Sussex or wherever.
  • Somewhere nearer than Brighton, Bournemouth and London
  • But I don’t really want to do it on my own.
  • Is there anyone out there who is willing to help, or even take the lead?
  • And are there people who are interested anyway?
  • If so, contact me via this website or the UK WP Community Slack #meetup-organisers channel

Herb Miller

Summary of WordUp Pompey! Meetings

Here’s a summary of the meetings we had in 2011/2012. Some of the slideshows and sample websites should still be available.

WordUp Pompey! August 2012 - a brief summaryAfter a 2 month break ( June and July ) WordUp Pompey! reconvened at the end of August for a look at the Top-10-Wordpress-plugins. It was a fairly interactive session, led by Herb Miller of Bobbing Wide and oik-plugins.
WordUp Pompey - 24th May 2012 - 19:30 to 21:00A workshop to achieve compliance with the UK cookie law / EU cookie directive... by 26th May 2012. This month's objectives are:
  • To educate: let you know about the 'new' rules regarding cookies
  • To inform: demonstrate and discuss some of the solutions available
  • To take action: now you've seen what you need to do... just get on and do it!
  • To get feedback: Tell us how you think the solutions can be improved.
WordUp Pompey - March 2012
This month's WordUp features Steve Lowsley of YesCanDo
How Google works" - Ever wondered what goes on once your website has been visited by Google?
with a supporting cast of Herb Miller of Bobbing Wide
Galleries and slideshows - a look at some of the favoured plugins
Report from WordUp Pompey - Feb 2012 - Part 2Herb Miller gave a brief presentation on his experiments with creating a responsive web design based upon an Artisteer generated theme.
Report on WordUp Pompey - Feb 2012WordUp Pompey for February was kindly hosted by Penny and John Plimmer, Japcis Photographic, at their studios in Horndean. Herb Miller of Bobbing Wide presented on two topics: Shortcodes and Responsive web design. There was lovely discussion on other topcs: including company logos, which way should slideshows slide, mobile apps and more
WordUp Pompey! Dec 2011 - slideshows on slideshareWordUp Pompey! slideshows, 21st December 2011, not including Roger Marsh's slideshow on browsers, HTML and CSS, which was a lead in to an interactive demonstration of "hacking the BBC website using Firebug"
January 2012 WordUp Pompey cancelled!Due to unforseen circumstances, the WordUp Pompey! meeting that I was planning for 26th January 2012 (Australia Day) has had to be cancelled. So kick off for WordUp Pompey will now be in late February.
WordUp Pompey! Nov 2011 - slideshows on slideshareI've uploaded PDF versions of the slideshows from WordUp Pompey! onto
WordUp Pompey - Thursday 24th November 2011 7:30-9:30 pmThe next WordUp Pompey is planned for Thursday 24th November, from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm. It will be held at the home of Herb Miller of Bobbing Wide, in Rowlands Castle.
belated report on WordUp Pompey 20th October 2011Well, we had our first meeting = nearly two weeks ago. Been a bit busy so only just getting around to writing about it.

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